Blows a dream away

There’s a sadness behind a winter’s night

the way it blows a dream away

til it falls in distant echoes of

broken seashells


I saw young leaves and snowflakes meet

Like seeing you for the first time,

it rained twenty years of kisses

in a whisper of hello


But I never saw a cloud dance a storm before that fifth year

It was then I truly bled my heart across each star-less dawn

As I wove each dream-less day into a grieving night

while sunsets dipped in bitterness,

they are only young


It was only two years later

I started to separate night fall from the sea

But it wasn’t until my late twenty’s

I blew kisses behind my shadow and stood still

I folded rainclouds over an unwanted spring


I knew how stars can fail a sky now

I danced my words upon trees

As winter snow fell and fell-

so effortlessly

and I was jealous of it


Now I’m nearing forty

I nudge a shadow back from the dark

hidden tears pound a faded sun

upon my thorny chest


because goodbyes taste sour

and a winter night still blows

my love for moonbeams away


Lyrical Night

Diva night

Bring my dreams to life

In your lyrical form



butterfly fashion
and multi-coloured


She’s draped
In raw

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[in all my sorrow]


I have known darkness and depths of self hollow,

I’ve drank tears that dance in lonesome thoughts of tomorrow-

for your heavy light bleeds in skies above,

my reflection now shattered, broken by love,

I hear whispers of empty days in fields of bleeding sorrows,

I have seen grief to know a black mind-slip that follows –

for your tenderness lingers long after a kiss,

your breath is a touch I will forever miss

I have choked on goodbyes of my weeping willows,

I buried my dreams with pretty souls and young fellows

I have dangled amongst branches that fall

I favor rose’s for graveyards most of all

I have known a nights shadow and numbing desire

I have been muted by terror in deaths soul scorching fire

dipped in an ocean of your faded life’s tune,

my tears echo in grief of gone too soon

© All Rights Reserved – Krissi Holtum

(comments are welcome, so is constructive criticism- thanks for reading)

[other end of young love]


His dreams grew large, he flew out of the night

Shadows formed her imagination

The darkness read his heart’s true colours

But the road was black as time stood still

Darkness echoed boom, crash, hush

As whispers flamed soul’s desire

Stars skimmed the skies reflection

His wings blade a black horizon

calling upon crossroads below

she cries winter flakes all the way back home

he follows her stream all through the night

Along a breeze of ghosting love songs

She never thought he would find her there

As she hid within the willow’s screams

Her heart went bang, crash, hush

As He Grabbed her soul with his fingertips

And pulled her back into the night

Like the moon stalking a day

He could always find her hidden smile

Leading her into a kiss of sun

Reflecting her back into the other end of young love

© All Rights Reserved – Krissi Holtum

(comments are welcome, so is constructive criticism- thanks for reading)

[I am June]


this winter, my shell cracked

upon long waves of war sounds

that drown me in notes

I once hit with a wink

and a flick of my hair

every inch of bravery folded into clouds

razor cut the edge of a moment
flood me with fading laughter,

if sunsets ever follow
in the underbelly of a tear
along the bloody streets of now.

I am a shadow of my brave self

embracing a storm of echoes

as I leave my forced smiles behind


© All Rights Reserved – Krissi Holtum

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